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La Fille du Vent

Ito Kazuky, a Japanese businessman with megalomania and the Japanese financial world behind him, has gotten hold of an invention to produce artificial tornadoes. Kazuky intends to market the technique as a weapon of great destructive ability. The inventor of the method is Yoko's father. He was attempting to discover a way to destroy tornadoes. Seiki Tsuno is ready to fight Kazuky by any means necessary. So Yoko takes on the task of representing all the ordinary people, who risk becoming the victims of tornadoes, now and in the future.

The album shows scenes from Yoko's home, and relates her childhood on an unspecified island to the south west of the Japanese island Kyushu. Her parents Seiki and Masako Tsuno appear.

The French title translates to Daughter of the Wind.

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Marthe Pauline Seiden and Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1998, 2001.