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L'Orgue du Diable

In the Sixteenth Century a gigantic organ was constructed by Helmut Hartmann to produce new sounds. However, with the advance of the Inquitision Helmut Hartmann had to flee, because he was rumoured to have sold his soul to the devil. It also didn't help that the church collapsed the first time the organ was played, and many of those who got away were insane. Or so the legend will have it.

While Yoko helps the organist Ingrid Hallberg solve the sudden death of her father, they find yet another of the Devil's Organs. Who has restored it? And why?

This story takes place along the Rhine in Germany, near the famous Lorelei-cliff. The Katz castle, which, correctly, isn't open to the public, plays a major part in the story. There are also many authentic views of the town of St. Goar and from the Rhine valley.

A later story, Rhinegold also takes place in the Rhine valley.

The French title translates to The Devil's Organ.

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Marthe Pauline Seiden and Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1998, 2001.