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L'Or du Rhin

Forget all about Wagner operas - The Rhinegold turns out to be a train. On board is Ito Kazuky preparing an ambitious armsdeal. But his secretary is injured and Yoko accepts to replace her. However, as soon as the train leaves Cologne central station the passengers are trapped like rats, while a devillish plan unfolds.

The album begins in the Dome of Cologne, and from the central station the train travels South along the Rhine, past the Northernmost wine fields in Germany down to Oberwesel. The story also takes us to revisit Ingrid's house in St. Goar and the Pfalz castle situated in the middle of the river. Once more Leloup is at home, and full of accurate details, but he has nevertheless ably conjoined Japanese elements with technical utopia and German locales.

Vic does not appear in this story at all - which I only discovered after having read the album quite a few times.

The French title translates to Rhinegold.

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Marthe Pauline Seiden and Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1998, 2001.