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Les Exiles de Kifa

Myna is an independent little robot, programmed to protect and guide Vinean children. The robot is meant to act as friend, guide and conscience. But Myna and all her collegues have been exiled to the space city of Kifa. The only Vinean inhabitant of Kifa, Gobol, intends to revenge himself on Vinea by letting the city crash on the planet. Yet again Yoko must get in touch with the City in the Sea in order to find a solution to problems arisen in the Vinean system while the Vineans themselves were away. And it is that very connection between Yoko and the City in the Sea which threatens Yoko and Khany's friendship.

The French title translates to The Exiles of Kifa, whereas the Danish title was The Robots from Kifa.

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Marthe Pauline Seiden and Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1998, 2001.