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La lumière d'Ixo

The Vineans are concerned about a periodical source of light emanating from the moon Ixo, orbiting the third planet of their system. Investigating it Yoko meets exile-vineans. They work hard on Ixo to provide the energy necessary for their city, Shyra. This city rests on the remains of an exploded planet, and only passes Ixo every fifth year. Using light and enormeous concave mirrors the exile-vineans transfer the nexessary energy to Shyra. Yoko gets involved in power struggles and in the difficult, and often dangerous, work on Ixo, in order that Shyra may fulfill yet another revolution.

The French title translates to The Light from Ixo.

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© Marthe Pauline Seiden and Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1998, 2001.