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On the Danish news page you will also find general comics news. On the following list, the latest changes come first.

20th of January 2008:
The publisher has reduced the restrictions on which languages we are allowed to read Hikaru No Go in in EU. This means that Fantask has the stories on their shelves.
12th of June 2001:
Decided to run the Danish news page as a general comics news page.
18th of February 1999:
I have moved all my comics pages to <URL:>.
The dokument has changed address.
Comics news - At Jacob's
I've improved the search software for the comic database.
There are more pictures on the Super Duck page.
Jumbobog 183 came out this Thursday. I've scanned the cover and soon there'll be comments to the stories as well.
I've scanned the first page (showing the building where Mickey has his detective office) from ╔n for olie og olie for Ún! (D92033) and written a short description of the story.
I've started writing a document about the series Franka. It's not completed yet, and I would appreciate comments and suggestions on content and presentation. (The text is in Danish, but there isn't much of it.)
Added a link to Italian Cartoonists Society.
The dokument has changed address.
Comics - Jacob Sparre Andersen
Added Nofret and a link to the home page of Nofret (and Sussi Bech).
I have started on a Superduck page (only in Danish).
Now it's possible to search in my comics database.
Seriejournalen - A Danish magazine on comics with summaries in English.
I'm working on an introduction to the Mickey Mysterier series.
Carl Barks savni­
Links to my comics database.
A long time ago.
Made the document.


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