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I'm maintaining "Titles of Comics Collections", a list of comics. It's mainly supposed to contain collections of newspaper strips, but I don't mind having other comics in the list as well. Suggestions for the list can be sent to me at

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Disney comics

The Disney corporation has published comics in Walt Disney's name for more than 60 years (afaik). Currently, the two largest Disney editors (license holders) are the Egmont Group in Denmark and the Walt Disney Company Italia, Italy.

The right place to find information about Disney comics is The Disney comics Web page.

Comics published by Serieforlaget (Egmont), Denmark:

Series published by Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, the Faroe Islands:

Comics published by Gladstone, USA:

I have started on a Superduck page (only in Danish) and a page about Reginella (partially in English).

Frank Stajano (a guy that knows almost anything about Italian Disney comics) has written a long text, with examples from stories, about the artist Giorgio Cavazzano. Cavazzano has drawn a lot of the good stories published in the Jumbobøger, and, it seems, a lot that haven't found their way to northern Europe yet.

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