Føroyar (The Faroe Islands)

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The Faroe Islands is located at 62°N and 7°W. The country consists of 18 islands (16 inhabited), with a total area of about 1400 square kilometers. The current population is 47,701 (2003-01-01).


The Language

The Faroese and Icelandic languages are closely related to the ancient Nordic language.

If you want to know Faroese, then "An Introduction to Modern Faroese", W. B. Lockwood (Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur) is a must (IMHO). You can order it from Bókamiðsølan.

Another option is:

   Kursus i Færøsk I & II + Kassettuband
   Jeffrei Henriksen
   Brævskúlin í Føroyskum
   Tórshavn 1983


I suspect this is targeted towards danes.

There is a Faroese-English Dictionary compiled by G. V. C. Young, O. B. E. & Cynthia C. Clewer, B. A.(Hons). ISBN 0-907715-22-2. Published by:

Mansk-Svenska Publishing Co. Ltd.
17 North View
Isle of Man
United Kingdom

[Thanks to Poul Olvhoj]


These pictures are a part of my gallery of pictures from the Faroe Islands.

Pilot Whales

Yes, we kill whales in the Faroes. They taste good.


400 oyru stamp celebrating Norðurlandahúsið 400 oyru stamp 400 oyru stamp 400 oyru stamp with a dog 400 oyru stamp 600 oyru stamp 900 oyru stamp with a butterfly

[Stamps: Postverk Føroya]



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